Boycott California: Stop The Illegal Gun Grab!

January 2, 2016
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Boycott California: Stop The Illegal Gun Grab!

We, the undersigned, pledge to boycott the state of California and all of its products, until it completely removes all laws that allow for the seizure of any legally owned guns based on the mere suspicion of a future crime.

This egregious violation of the U.S. Constitution will not stand!


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Under a new law that took effect on New Years day, 2016, the state of California claims it has the right to seize legally owned guns from anyone they “suspect” may use those guns to commit violence in the future.

The state of California has tried to obscure the level of their treason by adding a warrant like process to the gun grab, claiming the law is valid because a gun seizure can only happen with a Judge’s approval.

Never before has a Judge been able to issue a “warrant” that executes judgement and consequences (in this case, the removal of the constitutional right to self-defense!) to an individual based on the suspicion of a FUTURE crime.

In fact, this gun grab bill presents so many troubling violations to the U.S. Constitution that even liberals should be alarmed!

Think for a moment about how this dangerous law could be expanded if we allow them to establish this terrible precedent.

1.) Will police officers eventually be given special powers to write their own warrants to remove guns from gun owners on the spot?  We know the government has already been pushing to expand their warrant issue powers in other ways.  Or will the warrant requirement one day be thrown out altogether?

2.) Will judges also issue “cool down” orders to non-gun owners who they suspect may commit violence in the future? And if so, what will a cool down period look like for a non-gun owner?  Will it include time in jail?  Will it eventually include jail time for gun-owners?

3.) Will the time of the cool down period be continually increased?  It’s set at three weeks for now, but once they establish this precedent, how much longer might the cool down period become?  Six months? One year?  Two years?  More?

4.) Will Judges one day be able to renew their illegal cool down periods consecutively and indefinitely? Effectively creating a gun ban against people the state doesn’t like?

5.) If the state makes the claim that a certain city might become violent (e.g. a riot is feared in reaction to an upcoming court decision regarding a police brutality case) will the state be able to use this “cool down” precedent to seize the guns of everyone in that city?


It doesn’t take a very vivid imagination to see how dangerous this law can become with a few little twists of liberal logic.

We cannot let the state of California violate our rights and our constitution without a fight!

If gun owners across America unite and boycott California we can and will force them to retract this horrible gun law.

Special interest groups much smaller in size than 2nd Amendment supporters have boycotted states over laws they disagreed with and their boycott worked!  The laws were retracted!

We can make it work, too!

Step One: Sign the Petition/Pledge

…and let California know that we will not visit their state or buy any of their products so long as they continue to allow this egregious law to stay on their books.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and will also let you know when we’re conducting phone call bombs and other activist campaigns you can participate in and that will maximize our impact!

Step Two:  Spread the Word!

We’re going to need numbers to have the massive economic impact we’ll need to punish California until they get their act together.

Go ahead and take a moment now to send the link to this boycott pledge to your friends and family. And don’t forget to share it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well!

Step Three: Call, Fax or Email the State of California

…and let them know the boycott is underway!  We need to send them a message, loud and clear!

We cannot sit by and do nothing while the government chips away at our 2nd Amendment rights.


Once we lose the 2nd Amendment, we lose ALL the amendments!

Thank you for your support!

Together we will KEEP America great!



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